Survey from the Bishop – Appointment process for the future director of Catholic Education Northern Territory

Mr Michael Avery, the Director of Catholic Education in the Northern Territory, will be leaving us soon, and Bishop Hurley would like to invite input from all staff members, school boards and parents on the appointment of a new director. The new appointment will be made early 2018. You can fill out the confidential survey in the following link to put forward your thoughts:

Access to the survey will close on Friday 13th October 2017.

From the Catholic Education Office:

“I ask you to be concise in your responses without curtailing your points so that the panel is able to make best use of the total responses.  

Your comments will be treated as confidential. The panel will look for themes within the responses as well as those individual perceptive comments.  These will influence aspects of the process and hopefully the final outcome.

Individual consultation will occur with Principals, Priests, office staff, Members of the Catholic Education Council Northern Territory and other senior and relevant groups.

I thank you in anticipation of your useful responses and advice.  I assure you that the panel is committed to making the best possible recommendation to Bishop Hurley for this important position.  

Please keep the panel in your prayers as it goes about its work.

With best wishes



This survey is an ANONYMOUS and a simple process, click the link above, enter your answers, click OK till the end, press DONE. This completes the survey.